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  • Our custom service is what?

    Sample policy:
    1).If you need sample to check the quality,there will be sample fee and express fee.
    2).Sample fee can be returned once the order confirmed.
    3). You can pay the fee by the following payment and we will sent the sample to you by the following shipment.
    After sale:
    1).We are very glad that customers give us some suggestion for price and products.
    2).If any question , please let us know at the first time by email or telephone. We can deal with them for you in time.
    Quality assurance:
    1).Our factory has QC team to check every product before delivering to our clients
    Our mission:
    1).To provide fast and efficient sales service to our clients
    2).To produce good quality and reasonable price product
    3).To achieve total customer satisfaction through our packaging products.
  • Normal problesm during trade.

    1).Q: Is your product good quality?
    A: The quality is depend on the price,we have thousands of products, we can't promise that all the products have the same quality,for we need to satisfy different customer's requirements, some one needs high quality, some one needs low price.
    2).Q: Can you give me a discount?
    A: We are wholesale company, our policy is that bigger quantity,cheaper price, so we will give you discount according to your order quantity.
    3).Q: The shipping cost is too high, can you give me more cheaper?
    A: When we calculate the shipping cost for you, we will use the cheapest and safest courier, and it is shipping company who ask us to pay, we can't give you cheaper, pls kindly understand.But we can promise that we will not ask you to pay more shipping cost, if u think it is too expensive, you can use your own shipping company,it is ok for us.
    4).Q: Can you offer free shipping?
    Ar: For we are wholesale company, we have given the cheapest price as we can, and we did not add the shipping cost into the products' cost, so we can't offer free shipping, pls kindly understand,tks!
  • What's the advantage of the silk?

    Silk fiber is made of cellular albumen, there are 18 kinds of aminophenol inside the silk fiber which the humans body needs, aminophenols inside the silk fiber are almost the same as our human beings skin, therefore the silk fiber enjoys another good reputation as the second skin of human being. Sleeping on the silk not only will let you feel comfortable, luxury, silky, will let you feel satisfied, calm, to shorten the time period to get asleep, you will feel it is warm in the winter, and cool in the summer, but also will let you defend the possible attacks of various bacterias, will let the cells of your skin activize, Silk fiber has its own good moisture absorbing and breathing, so it has the functions to adjust your body temperature and moisture. Once you have tried silk bedding you will never want to sleep on and in anything else.
  • Can you confirm it's the real pure 100% mulberry silk ?

    Sure ,silk fabric have different grades ,like mulberry silk, tussah etc, it's a natural fiber from Silkworm, and Mulberry silk is the best ,long and green in the silk fabric.

Established in 2002, Xuzhou Golden Eagle Silk Home Textile Factory specializes in manufacturing silk products.

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