A Sleep Silk Sleep Bonnet
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A Sleep Silk Sleep Bonnet

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A sleep silk sleep bonnet protects your hair while you sleep. Charmeuse silk is considered the finest of silks. It is so very smooth and lustrous. Place it on your head and tie the satin ribbons to your own comfort tightness.

*, diameter measures approximately42cm--One size fits most as this is adjustable.

*The inside and outside are BOTH made of charmeuse silk (2 ply) that means the SILKY SIDE IS INSIDE AND OUT!

*Charmeuse is 19 mm (refers to the weight of the silk)-Very high quality

we also povide 16mm,22mm,25mm for you consider

*we can dye as your need color:pink,white,black,gre,ivory ,red etc.

*1/2 elastic band is fully encased in charmeuse and runs the entire circumference of this bonnet (like a shower cap). Two discrete button holes are placed on BOTH sides of the bonnet (inside and outside) allowing this bonnet to be FULLY REVERSIBLE. Satin ribbons are attached to the ends of the elastic and slipped through one of the button holes allowing this bonnet to be adjusted to your ideal level of comfort.


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