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About our company.

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We are Xu Zhou Golden Eagle Silk Home Textile Factory. We are manufacturer and exporter of silk home textitle factory in China for almost 19 years and 14th Golden Supplier in Alibaba. we can supply all series of silk home textile such as tie, pillow, pillowcase, sleeping bag, bed set, blanket, pajamas, throw,quilt, quilt cover, eye mask etc.

We also fulfill our social responsibility in the development, provideing vocational skills training for people with disabilities and solve their employment.

After many years of development, we have been getting bigger every day. Nowadays, we have complete advanced faclities and more professional team. We can provide professional services for you and try us best to satisfy your demands.

In the silk home textile industry, we have got so many experiences and technologies. And we have lots of cooperative partners around the world.

Established in 2002, Xuzhou Golden Eagle Silk Home Textile Factory specializes in manufacturing silk products.

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