Awesome Tips on Silk Pillowcases
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Awesome Tips on Silk Pillowcases

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Some of you might have heard about sleeping on silk pillowcases to keep from causing wrinkles on the side of your face that you sleep on, but there is far more.

First, silk is a very delicate material which is kind to both skin and hair. Legend has it that those who sleep on silk pillowcases wake up without bed head! 

For men and women who are concerned about their skin because of wrinkles or breakouts, silk pillowcases are great alternative. 

Second, sleeping on silk pillowcases feel absolutely wonderful. The cool, soft touch of 100 percent silk is simply heaven.

 For fans of cool pillows, there is no better material. If you’re the kind of person who constantly flips her pillow throughout the night in an endless pursuit of the cool side, 

you’ll cherish silk pillowcases. 

Because silk pillowcases are highly responsive to body temperature, silk pillowcases are perfect for summer and winter alike.

Sleeping on mulberry silk pillowcases not only makes your skin look better and younger over time, 

but helps you stay cool during the warmer months and warm during cooler months.


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