How to wash 100% silk products?
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How to wash 100% silk products?

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How to wash silk products?


The silk products can be washed at 30℃.

Use a washing soap recommended for silk and wool.

Spin gently and hang-dry. They then scarcely need ironing.

The sheets can be dry cleaned, but 30℃ washing is preferred.

Care Instruction: Dry cleaning recommended. May be machine washed.If machine washing,please follow these instructions:

Machine ash only in the fentle cycle in cool or cold water with very mild soap by itself.

If you have a silk cycle on your washing machine this is great to use.

There is special silk detergent available and it is recommended to use this-if not ,please use very mild soap like Ultra lvory Snow.

Gentle Downy detergent is good too.Woolite is NOT recommended.

Do not use bleach.Machine dry on a COOL setting for approximately ten minutes and remove immediately.

When you remove,the sheets will be mostly dry still a little damp.Hang over a chair,couch or outside to complete drying.

If ironing,only iron on a cool setting.Most irons have a silk setting.

Iron from the underside of the sheet-the crepe side.

Remember-cool iron temperature only.

Also, steaming is great if you have a steamer.They should be ironed when still a little damp so just before they are fully dried.

DO NOT under the sun at noon , under shade


Take care of silk products like baby.


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