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Popular silk pillowcase, silk eye mask, silk scrunchies factory

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Hello everyone! now I will show you the details of these products:

--You can see our silk pillowcase sewing details from here, both hand stitching. Normally we often do this kind housewife style and oxford style silk pillowcase, and also do this kind enveloped back or one side open or hidden zipper opening silk pillowcases, different sizes such as standard size, queen size and king size, depending on your needs.

Silk pillowcase is very soft and silk fabrics both have amino acid, which is the composition of protein, it is healthy to our human, which can protect our hairs and skin.

--Such as the silk sleeping eye masks, that’s the reason why it can protect our eyes, which can also reduce the wrinkles around our eyes, so that’s why silk pillowcase, silk eye mask and silk scrunchies are very welcomed by many people. We often do this kind wide elastic ribbon silk eye mask, all our silk eye masks filling material both 100% long silk floss, and outer fabric is 100% silk as well. We can also do adjustable eye masks, such as this one: Also this kind one side custom color and black color on back side is very popular as well. You can see, it can cover all of my eyes and completely shading, it’s very useful when you on travel, on plane and outdoor, it can help you to sleep very well.

--Next, this set also include silk scrunchies, that also called silk hair band or silk elastic band, it made by 100% mulberry silk fabrics, different sizes both ok, we often do width 1cm, 2.5cm, 3.8cm, 5cm and 6cm, you can see this one, oversized silk scrunchies, which is very beautiful and popular. It also makes a great decoration if you take it off and wear it on your hands.

--Finally, I want to show you our gift packages, we can do different kinds gift boxes, such as this kind drawer style box, magnet box, ceiling box and so on, we can print your custom design on box, you can print your company slogan, logo or some description of products, we both can print on boxes, after packing in gift box, all these silk products will seems more luxury and higher quality, it will attract more clients, right? Except gift box package, we can also do this kind silk bag(silk pouch), organza bag or higher quality plastic bags.

Otherwise, if your have more other ideas or requirements, just feel free to contact us or send us inquiry, our factory products designers will make it true and meet all your needs, we will try best to serve you and I’ sure we will have a long terms of cooperation in future.

All friends, please click here to focus on our factory and following us, if we have new products and new activities, you will receive the news at first time.:)

Thank you very much!

Established in 2002, Xuzhou Golden Eagle Silk Home Textile Factory specializes in manufacturing silk products.

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