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Silk vs Down

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Silk vs Down

We often get asked what makes our comforters different to down and feather comforters, so here are a few points that, we hope, would clear things up. Good silk comforters are made using only long fibre mulberry silk. By using only long fibre silk, a silk filled comforter is able to outperform other comforters in a number of areas.

Silk Comforters

Mulberry silk comforters are designed to let some of your body heat pass through the comforter while you sleep. By doing this they keep you warm but stop you from overheating throughout the night.

Silk comforters keep you comfortable over a wider range of temperatures. Because they allow some of your body heat to escape they keep you contented rather than too hot or too cold.

Long fibre mulberry silk is naturally healthier than down. Because there is less sweat produced by sleeping under silk comforters, there is less bacteria build-up in a silk comforter. Less bacteria build-up = a healthier bed.

Silk filled comforters drape over you, hugging the contours of your body. By doing this they create less cold spots between you and the comforter covering you.

Well made Mulberry silk filled comforters, like our own, will not bunch together inside the casing. This is because the silk filling has been layered with long filaments of silk.

Down-filled Comforters

Down and feather comforters are designed to stop your body heat from escaping through the comforters. This initially keeps you warm, but throughout the night your body heat continues to be reflected back at you and you overheat.

Down comforters are unable to help keep your surroundings at a constant temperature and you will need a wider range of weights throughout the year.

Down is a very good insulator, but can often be too good. Moisture trapped in down from body sweat is often unable to escape from the comforter. In advanced cases can result in unhealthy mould spots.

Down comforters are soft, but still more rigid than silk comforters. Down is unable to drape over you the way in the same way silk comforters do - this is because there is physically more bulk in a down comforters.

Most down comforters are stuffed and then sewn into individual pockets to keep the down in place. However, over time the down in these pockets bunches together which can make the comforter lumpy and uncomfortable to sleep under and create cold spots.

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