What Kind of Silk Is Durable?
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What Kind of Silk Is Durable?

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What Kind of Silk Is Durable?

Have you heard about “thread count”? It’s also an important point about silk bed sheets. What is it? Let me tell you.

Thread count is the number of threads per square inch in both directions in the weave. The higher thread count of the sheets, the more luxurious the silk feel of the fabric. The problem is that a higher thread count also means that the threads are thinner. Therefore, they are subject to more tear. The benefit of silk sheets is that silk is one of the most durable threads and therefore a higher thread count won’t tear as easily. When shopping for silk sheets, look for a thread count of 400 or higher. If you go too high though, be prepared to buy a back-up in case there are tears.

Inquire some details of the silk pillows you want to buy, which can leave an impression to the seller that you are also an expert.

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